Three must-have new albums

Three must-have new albums

Ivory Tower
Chilly Gonzales

Making a living as a producer and foil to Feist and Peaches isn’t too shabby. And the musician otherwise known as Jason Beck recently added another credit to his CV: movie producer. Billed as an “existentialist sports comedy,” the feature-length flick Ivory Tower stars both of his talented lady pals. Holly­wood aspirations aside, the hypnotic music he created for the score stands on its own.

Business Casual

The Montreal funk-pop duo’s recent collaboration with ’80s star Daryl Hall led to an oddly addictive series of on-line clips—you’ll never think of “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” in the same way again. Perhaps inspired by their new pal, Dave 1 and P‑Thugg lay down some very smooth soft-rock sounds on this soon-to-be-ubiquitous third disc.

Wake Up
John Legend and The Roots

One of R&B’s top talents joins forces with the band that proved hip hop had just as much room for musicians as it did for MCs. Obama’s election inspired Legend and The Roots to create this stirring collection of covers ranging from civil rights anthems to soul classics by Marvin Gaye. Rising star and Torontonian Melanie Fiona guests on the groovy title track.

(Images: Chilly Gonzales by Alexandre Isard; Chromeo by Harry Peccinotti; John Legend and the Roots by Vincent Peters/Sony Music)

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