This freelance copywriter and marketer makes up to $150,000 a year. How does she spend it?

This freelance copywriter and marketer makes up to $150,000 a year. How does she spend it?

“I had a rough financial patch in my 20s, so I’m trying to save”

Who: Christine Wolfl, 32
What she does: Freelance copywriting and marketing
What she makes: $115,000 to $150,000
Where she lives: A one-bedroom condo in Humber Bay Shores

Regular Expenses

Rent: $2,050 a month. “My goal is to buy, but my current condo is not a bad place to be in the meantime.”

Hair: $450 every two months. “I’m not a natural blonde, so it’s all about the maintenance.”

Botox: $200 every three months. “In your 30s, a little poke here and there is a girl’s best friend.”

More Toronto Budgets

Phone: $115 a month. “I’m stuck with Bell, and it’s a little pricier than I’d like.”

Groceries: $500 a month.

LCBO: $120 a month. “I’m not a big drinker—unless it’s California Cab Sauv.”

Self-care: $200 a month. “H2 OM is a godsend for biocharging and acupuncture.”

Clothing: $350 a month. “I don’t shop as much since I became a homebody during the pandemic. When I do, it’s usually for workout gear or a cool new piece from Winners to wear out for dinner or drinks with friends.”

Debt payments: $400 a month. “I went through a rough patch in my late-20s where I totally blew my budget. My dad rescued me, and now I owe him some cash, which is better than credit card debt.”

Subscriptions: $11.99 a month for Disney Plus. “Not going to lie, I bought it for Dancing With the Stars.”

Pet care and supplies: $300 a month for her cat, Rudy, and dogs, Poppy and Maverick. “Between insurance, vet visits, food, treats and the occasional doggy daycare, it adds up.”

Recent Splurges

Trip to Thailand: $9,800. “My partner graduated from Sheridan in May, and I’d had a really strong few months at work, so I wanted to take her on a trip to celebrate. We had a wonderful time, but we missed our flight home and had to rebook at the last minute, which was expensive.”

Perfume: $138. “I recently splurged on a bottle of YSL Libre. It makes me feel sexy.”

Christmas decorations: $260. “This is the third time I’ve purchased an artificial tree. This year, it’s condo sized. I love it so much that I snagged a second.”

Long-Term Savings

Savings account: $500 a month. “I could do better here. After splurging on travel experiences in my 20s, I’m trying to settle down and think about the future. I’m just using a standard RBC savings account right now—I used to have some crypto too, but I sold it because the market is so unstable.”