Former Blue Jays catcher Gregg Zaun is Toronto’s newest—and most popular—baseball analyst

Former Blue Jays catcher Gregg Zaun is Toronto’s newest—and most popular—baseball analyst

Here, 10 things the Rogers Sportsnet broadcaster can’t live without

The List: Gregg ZaunThe List: Gregg ZaunMy World Series ring
I got traded to the Florida Marlins in 1996, when it was one of the worst teams in the league. The next year we won the World Series. Some Hall of Famers don’t even have rings, so I feel like it’s almost disrespectful not to wear it. If I’m not in a sweatsuit, this is on my finger.

My brew
I got hooked on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee when I made it to the big leagues. You can’t get it in Toronto, but Donut Shop Coffee by the Coffee People is the next best thing.

The List: Gregg ZaunMy Wahl beard trimmer
I couldn’t grow a beard until I was in my late 20s, and I’ve had one ever since. I hate the way I look without facial hair—I don’t have any lips.

The List: Gregg ZaunMy Rolex Daytona
Anybody who has a Rolex would probably chew off their own arm before parting with it. This was the first really cool thing I bought for myself after I signed a big contract in 2001. It means the world to me.

The List: Gregg ZaunMy Bleu de Chanel cologne
I’ll just say this: it’s had an extremely positive response. The first week I wore it I was eating lunch over at Jack Astor’s on Yonge Street. This 50-something gal was sitting next to me at the bar and she leans in, takes a full-on sniff of me and says, “You smell unbelievable.”

The List: Gregg ZaunMy Prada jacket
The chest is like a ski vest and the arms are like a sweater—it’s the perfect jacket for Toronto weather. Zip it up when it’s cold or leave it unzipped and it’s stylish.

My wheels
My Audi A8L is fast, good-looking and enormous. I go everywhere in it. When I retired from playing this spring, I drove it from training camp in Arizona to Toronto.

My game night snack
Rotisserie chicken is so damn succulent—I love it. My Sportsnet co-host Jamie Campbell turned me on to Swiss Chalet. I eat it every other day when I’m working. The same thing every time: the double-leg dinner with fries and a Chalet salad.

My best suit
My Twitter followers call this the Al Capone suit. It was made for me in Florida, and it seemed a little bold at first. But when I walk into a room and I’m wearing my black and white shoes and belt, it just pops. It’s an attention getter, and I’m an attention junkie.

The List: Gregg ZaunMy good luck gun
A buddy of mine, Art Horn, was a sheriff in Bradenton, Florida. A few months after he died, his wife mailed me his old pistol charm, saying he had wanted me to have it. Now it’s in my travel bag and I carry it with me on all of my trips.

(Images: John Cullen)