Twenty photos that prove Coco Rocha’s baby has a more glamorous life than you

Twenty photos that prove Coco Rocha's baby has a more glamorous life than you
Photograph from Instagram

Being the daughter of an international supermodel comes with some pretty sweet perks: tagging along to photo shoots, roaming the set of Project Runway, visiting Iceland, Paris and Portugal. In 19 short months, Ioni Conran, toddler to Toronto-born supermodel Coco Rocha and husband James Conran, has done more than most people do in their entire lives—and amassed 52,000 Instagram followers in the process. Here, we round up the 20 most outrageously adorable, envy-inducing snaps from Ioni’s charmed childhood.

All moms look this good before giving birth, right?:


Mom with her newborn. Remember this photo—it’s the last time Ioni’s babyhood will resemble yours in any way:


Told ya. Here she is looking impossibly perfect next to a mini–botanical garden:


Mozart wrote his first symphony when he was eight years old, you say? Ioni rocked her first bowtie when she was just six weeks:



Future winner of Project Runway, season 39. You heard it here first:


Making friends at New York Fashion Week:


This one’s more fun if you imagine Ioni as a Godzilla-sized menace wreaking cute, cute havoc on the City of Light:


We’re not exactly sure what she’s wearing, but we’re willing to bet it costs more than anything in your wardrobe:


Putting their faces on:



Chilling with makeup-artist-to-the-stars Veronica Chu:


Here’s one with dad, featuring a dress that was a gift from Suzanne Rogers (and a look worthy of Zoolander):


Here’s where the serious travelling begins. This one is in front of Iceland’s majestic Seljalandsfoss:


Another casual vacay pic from Iceland:


Then, off to somewhere warmer—Saint-Tropez, France:



You know, just wandering around an enchanting, historic, cobblestoned port city in France:


Read the caption:


In Portugal now:


After a long day of beaches and helicopters, she likes to relax in what looks like some sort of fancy thermal spring:


This one’s from Sesame Place Amusement Park in Pennsylvania. Ioni loves to do Normal Things like Normal People:



Scratch that. Here she is with artist-philanthropist Mohammad Sultan Al Habtoor in Dubai:


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