Six Toronto Halloween costume ideas

Six Toronto Halloween costume ideas

Still not sure what to be for Halloween this year? Based on last night’s election results, we know that Torontonians are big on cost-cutting, so with that in mind, we offer our suggestions for trick-or-treat wardrobe options almost sure to be found around your house. Six ideas, after the jump.

Rob Ford
What you’ll need: Those who don’t share the new mayor’s girth can fake it with a well-placed pillow (or two). Also key to the everyman aesthetic: shades of blue. Though once a fan of flashy novelty ties, Ford toned down his look for the campaign trail. And—sigh—it worked. Extra credit: A moist glow, a blond buzz cut, a victory lei.

Galen Weston Jr.
What you’ll need: We’re not saying that we buy his Mr. Rogers routine, but there’s something endearing about the whole “Galen: He’s just like us” persona. To channel the PC pitchman, you’ll need dad jeans, a pair of generic metal-frame specs and the all-important sweater vest. You may also want to bring along a couple of close, personal farmer pals. Extra credit: A recalled bag of Decadent Chocolate Chunk Cookies, laced with metal fragments.

Justin Bieber
What you’ll need: Yeah, yeah, we’re sick of him, too, but seriously, how often is the world’s biggest pop star going to hail from Stratford? So grab the pomade and the skinny jeans and get to work already (those bangs aren’t going to side-sweep themselves). Other Bieber-friendly clothing pieces include Vans sneakers, hoodies and trucker hats. So basically, if you’re the same size as any teenage boy in the house, you’re in luck. If not, go as Gordon Pinsent and carry around a copy of the Bieber memoir. Extra credit: A cohort clad in the style of Kim Kardashian nods to the Biebs’ most scandalous faux-mance to date.

Black Blocker What you’ll need: As far as effortless costume options go, dressing as one of the G20’s most notorious anarchists is at the top of our list. Simply put on as much black clothing as possible, and you’re good to go. Just be prepared for some potential political fallout should you wind up at the same bash as a fake cop. Extra credit: A burning police cruiser just might win you the best costume prize, but then, it could also land you in jail.

Suzanne Rogers
What you’ll need: To achieve Mrs. Rogers’ dialled-down Dolly Parton look, skip the LBD and go for something big and sparkly and preferably pink. (Click here for a crash course in Suzanne Rogers’ fashion statements.) And then break out the Bumpit—what? you don’t have a Bumpit?—because CN Tower–high hair is an absolute must. Extra credit: Rogers is rarely without her trusted Blackberry, and why wouldn’t she be? Unlike the rest of us, she gets her cell service for free!

Earthquake survivor
What you’ll need: Remember that day in June when you thought you felt your stomach grumbling, but really it was a 5.0-level earthquake? Relive all the magic by digging that “I survived the 2010 Earthquake” T-shirt out of the laundry hamper and putting on your best not-very-scared expression. Extra credit: Any vibrating device that might mimic the quake’s vibrations—not that you’d have anything like that around the house.

(Images: Galen from Loblaws commercial still, Rob Ford by Shaun Merritt, Suzanne Rogers by George Pimentel, Justin Bieber by Sheilapic76.)


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