Six highlights from the now-infamous “Coach Rob Ford” interview with CBC’s As It Happens

Six highlights from the now-infamous “Coach Rob Ford” interview with CBC’s As It Happens

(Image: Shaun Merritt)

By now, every Torontonian with four spare minutes and an Internet connection has heard Rob Ford’s hilariously rude and weird interview with Carol Off on CBC’s As It Happens. Much has already been said about the event—Eye was incredulous, and the Post was incredulous that anyone was incredulous—but we think the interview pretty much speaks for itself. Our favourite moments are listed below, in transcript, but the full interview can be heard by clicking here.

1. When Carol Off learns Rob Ford is, in addition to being mayor-elect, a football coach
People are calling it a stunning win, what do you think that—
FORD: Things are going really well.
OFF: What drew so much support—
OFF: Hello? Mr. Ford? Are you there?
FORD: Yeah, yeah, I’m here.
OFF: Oh, you’re at some event, or?
FORD: I’m a football coach.

2. When Ford expresses his preference for getting changed over getting water
What is it, do you think, that drew so much support to your campaign?
It’s just people are sick and tired of the wasteful spending. People are sick and tired of wasteful spending. That’s it. That’s the bottom line. That’s what it comes down to. I’m the only that can go down there—JUST GO GET CH—GO. OUT. AND GET CHANGED! DON’T WORRY ABOUT WATER RIGHT NOW. Sorry.

3. When Ford makes two shout-outs to the gravy train in less than 20 seconds
Well, you know that your campaign has been compared to Mike Harris’ Common Sense Revolution, to the Tea Party movement. Do you see those comparisons?
FORD: Well, they can compare us to whatever they want. I don’t care. [Chuckles.] I just know the taxpayers want the gravy train [3.26] to come to an end and that Rob Ford is the guy to do it.
OFF: Do you think there are similarities?
FORD: I don’t see there’s any similarities. Just like I said, I’m going to put an end to the wasteful spending and stop the gravy train [3.43]. Sorry I’m being distracted here. So, that’s pretty well it.

4. When Ford promises to save money by cutting taxes
Well, sure [money] is everyone’s concern. But we’re not sure what it is that you’re going to save money on. Are you going to reduce public transportation—
FORD: I told you, I’m going to get rid of the $60 car registration tax and the land transfer tax. So maybe I’m not making myself clear. I’m going to get rid of the $60 car registration tax and the land transfer tax.

5. When Ford makes his escape, after just under three minutes, sounding both polite and insincere at the same time
Anyways, I gotta let you go here.
OFF: Can I ask you about public transportation before you go?
FORD: I can’t talk to you right now. Really. I’m on a tight schedule. I hate to be rude and let you go and we can chat another time. Really nice talking to you. All the best. Bye bye. [Hangs up.]

6. When Carol Off has to explain that the entire interview isn’t some kind of joke
Just to clarify for our listeners, earlier today we spoke with Rob Ford’s director of communications, Adrienne Batra, and she asked us to call Rob Ford at that football practice at three o’clock this afternoon. And that’s what we did.