SIU closes investigation into the Adam Nobody assault—again

SIU closes investigation into the Adam Nobody assault—again

Image: Jeff Denberg

The total number of police officers who will be charged in the beating of Adam Nobody at last summer’s G20 summit will, apparently, be one and only one. Yesterday, the Special Investigations Unit announced that it was closing the investigation into Nobody’s beating for the second time (the SIU reopened the case when Rosie DiManno decided to take over the investigation on the Toronto Star’s front page), after finding grounds to charge only a single officer—Babak Andalib-Goortani—with assault. In what’s becoming a familiar refrain, the SIU says it can’t identify any other officers that might have been involved in the Nobody incident.

According to the Toronto Sun:

“No individual, police or civilian, can point to any of the three remaining subject officers under investigation … and make a positive identification,” said Scott. “This investigation, therefore, is closed.”

Riot police tackled Nobody in Queen’s Park while he was making a protest sign.

At least one police officer repeatedly punched his face as he lay in a fetal position.

Two others viciously kicked his head, Nobody, 27, claims.

Taken alone, the Nobody case is a bad example of citizen-police relations. But it also appears to be part of a broader pattern that has redefined Toronto’s relationship with its police in the wake of the G20. It may be difficult to remember now, but Chief Bill Blair really did do a quality job of admitting the force’s failings and engaging the city in attempts to address them, most memorably on the issue of racial profiling (the contrast with the Julian Fantino years is particularly striking). Unfortunately, the period since the G20 has poisoned a lot of that work, as the Toronto police has seemed largely uninterested in even appearing to co-operate on a lot of the issues raised in the summit fallout. We’re guessing it’s probably not the legacy that Blair wanted.

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