Sit in on a smart, pre-election discussion with Toronto’s chief planner

Sit in on a smart, pre-election discussion with Toronto's chief planner
(Image: Chris Tyler/Flickr)

It’s election month in Toronto and, naturally, there are plenty of people talking about the future of this city. Much like Toronto Life is doing with its City Series, the folks at Torontoist are hosting Real City Matters, a series of intelligent conversations about the issues facing Toronto. Last week, they talked about where the city has succeeded; before the end of October, they’ll tackle topics of diversity and corruption. Tonight, though, is all about Growing Pains. At the panel, Toronto’s chief planner, Jennifer Keesmaat, former New York City assistant commissioner of public space Andrew Wiley Schwartz and two other experts will weigh in on Toronto’s growth, and how it should be managed. “We’re a teenager of a city, unsure of our identity,” writes Torontoist editor Hamutal Dotan. “We need to start having better conversations.”

Tues., Oct. 7. FREE. Revival Bar, 783 College St., 416-535-7888,


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