She Does the City pisses off Kelly Cutrone via Twitter

Toronto-based Web site She Does the City provided a perfect lesson on how not to tweet this morning. Someone at the sassy women-focused blog was crowd-sourcing questions for an interview with Kelly Cutrone, everyone’s favourite boss on The Hills and the star of her own reality series Kell on Earth, but Cutrone did not like how the tweet was worded:

shedoesthecity: Interviewing Kelly Cutrone on Monday. Got any questions for the wicked witch of fashion PR?

Anyone who watches Kell on Earth would know that her PR firm, People’s Revolution, regularly searches Twitter for messages about the company and Cutrone. As a result, Cutrone saw the above tweet and responded:

peoplesrev: @shedoesthecity ask her why she cancels interviews with people who call her a wicked witch –

peoplesrev: @shedoesthecity write your own piece_i am not giving you 10-15 minutes of my fucking precious time

She Does The City has deleted the offending tweet but Cutrone has kept hers. A user took a screen grab of the conversation, posted it to Twitpic, and it has since received more than 700 views. The image has also been re-tweeted by Cutrone herself.

Lessons learned: reporters have to be extra-careful about how they get interview tips, people don’t like to be compared to witches, and Cutrone is just as awesome in real life as she is on television.


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