Rob Ford is selling 1,000 more bobbleheads of himself

Rob Ford is selling 1,000 more bobbleheads of himself

The new-and-improved, second-edition Rob Ford bobblehead. (Image: eBay/meganbobier)

Rob Ford is about to undo one of his administration’s greatest fiscal accomplishments of 2013: the creation of a burgeoning collector’s market for Rob Ford bobbleheads.

The first batch of 1,000 bobbleheads sold out in a matter of hours at $20 a piece, thanks to the fact that Ford spent an entire Tuesday morning in the city hall rotunda, personally signing each one as it was purchased. Within minutes, a few of the pint-sized figurines had already been listed on eBay, where some have since sold for upwards of $700.

Rob Ford bobbleheads were a great investment. But today, Ford is planning on selling a second batch of 1,000 new-and-improved bobbleheads (improved in the sense that the bobbly parts have been altered so they don’t look as much like repurposed Tom Arnold heads). People have reportedly fought today’s freezing rain in order to line up at 4:20 a.m. to nab the items—and, of course, some of the new bobbleheads are already on eBay, somehow.

We assume this new round of official Rob Ford collectibles will flood the market and send worldwide bobblehead prices into free-fall. This is not sound fiscal policy, although there is an upside: the first bobblehead bonanza raised $12,000 for the United Way, and the proceeds from this round of sales are supposed to go to the Canadian Cancer Society.