Rob Ford Crack Scandal: The top 10 Rob Ford-related revelations from the police document on Alessandro Lisi (so far)

Rob Ford Crack Scandal: The top 10 Rob Ford-related revelations from the police document on Alessandro Lisi (so far)


(Image: Christopher Drost)

1. There were more than 100 meetings between mayor Rob Ford and alleged drug dealer Alessandro Lisi over the course of this investigation—that is, from May to October.

2. When you add it all up, the six-man Toronto police “spin team” spent weeks—what the Star calls “hundreds of hours”—following Lisi and Ford. Law enforcement officials used all kinds of techniques to get at them, too,  including outdoor cameras mounted on telephone poles, car-tracking devices, audio bugs and even an airplane.

3. The day after the Gawker article about the alleged Rob Ford crack video that sparked this whole investigation, the cops assigned homicide detective Sergeant Gary Giroux to “investigate the existence of a cellular phone containing a video of Ford smoking crack cocaine.”

4. Ford and Lisi met four times a week, usually outside Lisi’s home near the Dixon Road apartments made famous by June’s Project Traveller guns and drugs raids.

5. Lisi was not just meeting the mayor in secret. He came with him to public events, like the infamous Garrison Ball in March and to the Blue Jays game—pictures of which are in the police document.

6. When interviewed by police, former chief of staff Mark Towhey told them that Ford was late for the Garrison Ball because he met with Lisi beforehand. Later that night, Ford would be accused of being impaired, groping former mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson and being asked to leave the party.

7. Lisi and Mohamed Siad—the fellow who allegedly filmed and wanted to sell the crack video to Gawker and the Toronto Star—were close.

8. Lisi used “counter-surveillance” techniques while being tailed by police—stopping his car, making random turns, cutting through parking lots, etc.

9. The police found empty vodka bottles at places where Lisi and Ford met in public parks.

10. There was a pattern to the way Lisi and Ford interacted: Ford would stop at the Esso at Edenbridge Road and Scarlett Road (a half-block from the mayor’s home) and go inside, then Lisi arrive in his Range Rover, place a package in Ford’s Escalade, get back in his SUV, and drive off.

UPDATE: Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair held a press conference less than two hours after the document’s release where he revealed police “are now in possession” of the infamous Rob Ford crack video.