Rob Ford Crack-o-Meter: Ford runs like a schoolgirl and Sarah Thomson does something dumb

Rob Ford Crack-o-Meter: Ford runs like a schoolgirl and Sarah Thomson does something dumb

Rob Ford has skated through some humiliating situations and emerged relatively unscathed. The crack-smoking scandal, though, has ratcheted the ridiculousity to new highs. Every day brings more bad news. So far, Ford has kept his cool (more or less), but we have to wonder if—or when—he’s going to crack. Here, our daily assessment of what’s going on with our infamous mayor.

• Gawker reconstructs the night the crack video was filmed (Pressure: )
Newspapers have stopped short of providing a narrative for the night Ford (allegedly) smoked crack in front of the camera, but Gawker isn’t so tentative. Citing an unnamed source, the site says the crack video was recorded 6-8 months ago when drug dealers from 320 Dixon Road (where the video was later rumoured to be held) stopped by a rundown North Etobicoke bungalow where Ford has gone for years during his “binges.” The dealers asked for a photo, which was taken outside at resident Fabio Basso’s request (says the source: “Ford ran outside like a schoolgirl to have that picture taken.”)

• The video is responsible for two more injuries ()
Gawker also says that once the scandal broke a thug looking for the video came to the bungalow and beat Basso and his girlfriend with a steel pipe. (Police confirm an assault was reported at the address on May 21 and that the victims were taken to hospital for injuries.) Rumours have already linked three shootings to the video.

• Sarah Thomson makes a boneheaded move ()
The Women’s Post publisher who accused Ford of groping her and doing cocaine in March hinted she had the video to drum up hype for a lame music video about transit, earning the derision of most of the Internet.

• The mayor’s car nearly takes out a beloved CBC radio host ()
If Ford’s feelings about cyclists weren’t already clear, Metro Morning’Matt Galloway tweeted, “Mayor Ford’s Escalade has a close encounter with the bike lane (and me) on Beverley just now.”

Crack Threat Level: MEDIUM

(Images: Rob Ford, Christopher Drost; meter, Scott Akermann)