POLL: Who is your dream candidate for mayor?

POLL: Who is your dream candidate for mayor?

mayoral-candidatesRob Ford says the 2014 mayoral election is going to be a “bloodbath” (which he, apparently, sees as a good thing). The prospect of a dirty fight hasn’t scared off TTC chair Karen Stintz or businessman David Soknacki, who have both already made their mayoral ambitions public. Who else should join them in a political death match? Choose your would-be candidates of choice in our fantasy ballot below. Your favourite candidate isn’t on the list? Let us know in the comment section.

Who would you most like to enter the mayoral race?

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(Images: Rob Ford, Blind Nomad; Olivia Chow, Andrew Rusk; Giorgio Mammoliti, Christopher Drost; Drake, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment; John Tory, Denis Drever)