What people are saying about Pearson Airport’s hellish construction-related flight delays

The runway at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport has been under construction for about six weeks now. As a result, flights are regularly delayed for hours, or days. Some airlines are reportedly taking no responsibility for the issue. As a result, many passengers are finding it impossible to get reimbursed for their extended hotel stays. In the proud tradition of pissed-off travellers everywhere, people have been venting their frustrations on Twitter. Here’s a sampling:

Some people are blaming Air Canada:

Others are vainly tweeting at the airline in hopes of a reply:

This person was stuck in Montreal for two days:

Air Canada does reply when a Toronto Star columnist complains, though:

This passenger is ready to bust out the quill and ink:

This guy used his delay to hone his Photoshop skills:

WestJet is clearly monitoring their hashtag:


When customers ask Air Canada how they can get reimbursed, they’re directed to a contact form:

This Dutch airline has figured out how to take care of their customers delayed in Toronto:

Some tweets have been more plaintive than angry:

Here’s one happy Air Canada customer, though. At least, we think he’s happy?

Some people blame Pearson for their delay:


WestJet low-key liked this very understanding customer’s tweet:

Another common traveller complaint: extra parking fees.


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