What people are saying about Kawhi Leonard’s game-winning shot

Last night’s Raptors game against the Philadelphia 76ers was a nail-biter—but it was ultimately a success for the home team, thanks largely to a clutch, last-second Kawhi Leonard two-pointer that will go down in Canadian sports history. That insane shot was all it took to propel the Raptors to the conference finals. Here’s Twitter’s reaction.

Don’t the kids call sending risky texts “shooting your shot”? Just in case this person needs their tweets punched up:

LeBron James posted a tweet comprised solely of emojis, because pictures really do say a thousand words. Some worry he’s trying to recruit Kawhi to Los Angeles:

The Raptors called this a Canadian Heritage Moment (they’re actually “minutes,” though, Raps). Did Kawhi smell burned toast at any point during that shot?

The whole “Heritage Minute” thing was fertile ground. This Hour Has 22 Minutes actor Mark Critch referenced the James Naismith one:

Even Historica Canada, the organization that produces Heritage Minutes, got in on the action:

Justin Trudeau was watching the game (or at least, whoever runs his social media was):

Other political leaders watched, too. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said the Raptors lifted up the whole country with that shot:


In the interest of balance, here’s Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s tweet, too:

Doug Ford also tweeted:

Toronto Blue Jay Marcus Stroman opted for brevity:

Dwayne Wade piped up with a compliment for Kawhi:

This person caught a freeze frame at just the right moment. Check out the expression on 76ers player Joel Embiid’s face:


If we’re the North, is Kawhi our Jon Snow?

Sportscentre anchor Kate Beirness reminds us that Vince Carter once tried, unsuccessfully, to perform a similar feat:

And here, your daily dose of Drake content. He wore 76ers shorts last night, because even he puts some stock in the notion of the Drake Curse:


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