Find out how far you’ll have to schlep to watch the Pan Am Games in Toronto

Find out how far you’ll have to schlep to watch the Pan Am Games in Toronto

(Image: U.S. Army)

Since council freaked out over the rising price tag of the 2015 Pan Am Games—because mega sporting events usually come in under budget, right?—organizers are at least trying to keep costs down. Today, they unveiled a new venue plan, which features a clustering strategy to cut down on security costs and transit problems (though the Globe and Mail’s Marcus Gee suggested a different motivation). The revised plan will see more sporty happenings in 11 municipalities and three universities, compared with the original 2009 bid, which spread the events over 16 municipalities and 40 venues.

The Toronto venues that will see the most action:

Pan Am Park at Exhibition Place: more than a dozen sports, including road cycling, triathlon, squash and rugby.

The Etobicoke Pan Am Complex: archery, BMX cycling and bowling.

University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus: aquatic and field sports.

U of T’s downtown campus: field hockey, roller sports and handball.

York University: athletics and tennis.

The rollout won’t be completely Toronto-centric though. Markham will also earn cluster status and host events at its new field house and pool, including water polo, badminton and table tennis, and Mississauga will host combative sports. In earlier plans, soccer matches were spread across the GTA, but now Hamilton will get all the soccer games at the new Ivor Wynne Stadium.

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