No. 18: Because we’re a beacon for tech geniuses

No. 18: Because we’re a beacon for tech geniuses

Here are just a handful of the hyper-talented founders, CEOs, CTOs and managers who’ve brought their skills to the city

Faisal Masood, 30

Founder, Medworks, a health records database company
Last lived in: Karachi, Pakistan
Moved here because: ”Toronto has a great mix of culture and arts, with a serious approach when it comes to tech and innovation.”
Fave thing about Toronto: ”The great outdoors are so close, and there are so many amazing options for family day trips.”

Fion Lee-Madan, 43

Co-founder and COO, Fairly AI, an AI compliance advisory
Last lived in: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Moved here because: ”Trump.”
Fave thing about Toronto: ”The tech scene is having its moment right now. And no other city—not Boston, New York or Silicon Valley—can beat the authentic Asian food scene here.”

Tanpreet Anand, 26

Business development rep, WatrHub, a water data company
Last lived in: Los Angeles
Moved here because: ”U.S. immigration laws were becoming tough, and Canada was open
to skilled immigration.”
Fave thing about Toronto: “It’s so walkable. The Distillery and Kensington Market are two of the best spots I’ve visited so far.”

Raphael Arias, 26

Senior product manager, ApplyBoard, a study-abroad company
Last lived in: Sydney, Australia
Moved here because: “The location—near Europe and the U.S.—the culture, the start-up environment, the natural beauty and the openness to qualified migration.”
Fave thing about Toronto: “The energy and personality that Sydney lacks. I call it soul.”

Ahsan Javed, 39

Co-founder and CTO, Hopeful, an analytics company for non-profits
Last lived in: India
Moved here because: “Canadian values, a sense of inclusiveness and the strong start-up ecosystem.”
Fave thing about Toronto: ”The city brims with joy. The education is world class. And I get to meet many like-minded entrepreneurs and executives over coffee.”

Richard Henkel, 29

Co-founder and CEO, Odyssey Interactive, video game developer
Last lived in: Los Angeles
Moved here because: “I grew up in Kitchener-Waterloo, my family’s here, my wife’s family’s here, and we were about to have our third kid. It was time to come home.”
Fave thing about Toronto: “Tax credits, a reasonable cost of living, and quality of life.”

Manikaran Johar, 32

Product manager, Careem, the Uber for the Middle East
Last lived in: Dubai
Moved here because: “I came to Toronto seven years ago as an exchange student and thought it was perfect. After I got married, Toronto was at the top of our list.”
Fave thing about Toronto: “How welcoming it is. It needs to be experienced to be understood.”


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