Justin Trudeau will be the prime minister of hugs

Justin Trudeau will be the prime minister of hugs

Whatever else may be true about Stephen Harper, this much is for certain: the guy wasn’t much of a hugger. The Justin Trudeau era should be a touchier, feelier one, because our new PM designate will dive face-first into an embrace with seemingly anyone, up to and including the premier of Ontario. Here, a brief photographic rundown of JT’s best political PDAs.

Kathleen Wynne:


Before a meeting at Queen’s Park this week, Trudeau and premier Kathleen Wynne hugged away the election-season tension, per the Star.

Kathleen Wynne, again:

Kathleen Wynne enjoys a close political alliance with Justin Trudeau, and she is also the recipient of his best hugs. (This one is from August.)

Adam Vaughan:

Trudeau celebrated Vaughan’s 2014 by-election win by burying his nose in the former city councillor’s shoulder.

Jean Chretien:

At Chretien’s 80th birthday, the two men embraced in a sort of ballroom-dance configuration.

Hazel McCallion:

McCallion is at an age where she no longer bothers raising her arms above her head for just anyone.

Naheed Nenshi:

Justin Trudeau hugs Naheed Nenshi

And here’s Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi getting a dose of Trudeau’s magic dust, as documented by the Post.

Elder Evelyn Commanda-Dewache:
Justin Trudeau hugs elder Evelyn Commanda-Dewache
(Image: Justin Trudeau/Facebook)

Commada-Dewache, a residential school survivor, was also the recipient of a slightly stiffer hug from Stephen Harper. Trudeau’s not afraid of a little forehead contact, though.

The Dalai Lama:

Little-known fact: Trudeau learned everything he knows about hugs directly from the Dalai Lama.