The best (and worst) Twitter reactions to Justin Trudeau’s pointy elbows

The best (and worst) Twitter reactions to Justin Trudeau’s pointy elbows

The last 24 hours have been full of apologies for Justin Trudeau. First, there was a formal apology for the 1914 Komagata Maru incident, during which hundreds of South Asian refugees were denied entry to Canada.

Hours later, that important and long-awaited moment was completely overshadowed by Trudeau’s elbow, with which he apparently jabbed NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau as he was trying to marshal the House of Commons for a vote on the government’s assisted-dying bill. Brosseau says she found the unwanted elbow contact so unsettling that she had to leave the chamber and miss the vote. The news media found the breach of legislative decorum riveting.

Trudeau’s other alleged crimes: grabbing opposition whip Gord Brown by the elbow, and saying the word “fuck.” Here is actual video footage of history’s greatest monster, in action.

Obviously, Twitter was in an uproar.

The Prime Minister apologized following the incident and again this morning, saying he shouldn’t have crossed the floor, grabbed Brown, or made physical contact with Brosseau.

People using the #ElbowGate hashtag seemed mostly convinced the incident was blown out of proportion.

And the jokes came thick and fast.

Some people aligned with the opposition parties thought Trudeau should be punished, not surprisingly.

But some really did think Trudeau crossed the line.

The last word, however, goes to the guy who went ahead and proved Godwin’s Law.