Justin Bieber to reprise role on CSI

Justin Bieber to reprise role on CSI

Justin Bieber shopping (Image: jake.auzzie)

Justin Bieber will be guest starring in another episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation this February 17, just in time for sweeps week. Loyal CSIers and devout Beliebers may recall his much-hyped appearance on the show last September, which lasted a total of 3 minutes and 25 seconds and consisted of lines like: “I was just gonna scare the cops, not blow them up.” Now he’s back, reprising the role of Jason McCann in an episode with the mindblowing meta title, “Targets of Obsession.” Please keep expectations realistic: a Stratford-born child does not a thespian make.

In other news, a photo of Bieber making out with a random Torontonian recently surfaced on the Web and instantly went viral. The alleged kiss, with a girl identified only as “Michelle,” took place behind Yorkville’s Four Seasons Hotel this summer while the Biebs was in town for a concert.

On days like this, we can’t help but wonder if the Bieber Saturation Point actually exists. The BSP is that critical juncture hypothesized by exhausted entertainment bloggers at which the public, having decided they’ve had their fill of Justin Bieber-related news items, stands up, fists raised, and shouts, “No! The next time young Mr. Bieber frolicks on a beach with Kim Kardashian, why don’t you not tell us about it!”

To date, the BSP has proven to be a mythical moment of the Y2K variety.

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