The List: John Tory tells us the 10 things he can’t live without

The List: John Tory tells us the 10 things he can’t live without

The List: John Tory tells us the 10 things he can't live without

1 | My go-to breakfast
I’ve been a peanut butter addict my whole life. I spread it on rice cakes when I’m adhering to my diet (I lost 40 pounds four years ago through Harvey Brooker’s weight-loss program for men). But sometimes I’ll cheat and put it on an English muffin.

2 | My favourite musician
As a teenager, I listened to Neil Young over and over, until my dad, who couldn’t stand his high voice, finally paid me $10 never to play the records in the house again. I still love his music, especially Harvest and After the Gold Rush.

3 | My miniature doppelgänger
At the end of my time as CFL commissioner, I received this small statue of me with the Grey Cup as a thank-you gift. I love it, even though it weighs a ton and I’m not sure if it looks like me. I have very few sentimental mementos, but this is one of them.

4 | My dad’s necktie
I kept one of my father’s ties after he died in 2011. It’s the only piece of clothing I have that was his. I remember him wearing it all the time.

5 | My Frye boots
I wear them every day, even with suits, unless I’m going to a serious event. I got them a year ago, and they’re just so comfortable. I’ll be a customer for life.

The List: John Tory tells us the 10 things he can't live without

6 | My Abe Lincoln costume
My friends are all rabid Leafs fans. About once a season, we go to a big game in ridiculous getups to show our support. I dress as Abe Lincoln, a costume the others chose for me. The crew also includes Colonel Sanders, Elvis Presley, Donald Trump and Liberace.

7 | Subway tokens
My condo building is above a subway station, so I use public transit a lot. I always have a few tokens in my pocket. I can’t be bothered to get a Metropass.

8 | My football team
I love the Argonauts. The first time I got to present the Grey Cup was at that famous snowstorm game in Hamilton in 1996, when they had to plow the field. The trophy went to the Argos, which was a dream come true: not only was I holding the Grey Cup, but I was giving it to the team I’d cheered for since I was a kid.

9 | Newspapers
I buy all four Toronto dailies, and I read them in a specific order, which I never change: the Toronto Sun, the National Post, the Toronto Star and then the Globe and Mail.

10 | My sugar fix
I don’t eat a lot of candy, but I do have two weaknesses: licorice allsorts and red Twizzlers. When I was a radio host, I would sometimes skip lunch, and I’d stop in the store for some Twizzlers to keep me going. Harvey Brooker is going to have a hemorrhage when he reads that.

(Photograph by Luis Mora; English muffin, Twizzlers by iStock)