Jays pitcher in hospital after too many drugs

Jays pitcher in hospital after too many drugs

Dirk Hayhurst in a healthier moment (Image: SD Dirk)

Blue Jays pitcher Dirk Hayhurst got a little Amy Winehouse last week, winding up in hospital after the anti-inflammatory medication prescribed for his surgically repaired arm got the better of his stomach. His Twitter followers—he goes by the handle @TheGarfoose, a fictional beast of his own creation—got both the bad news and a dose of Hayhurst’s humour:

So here is how my last 3 days went. Unexplained chest pain (Ninjas?) = Endoscopy, CT scan, Iodine Injection, MRI, psych Exam, ninja repellent.

In other words, a trip to hospital that included a nasty expulsion of drugs and bodily fluids via the toilet, which Hayhurst, of course, snapped a picture of. But what cracked us up most is Hayhurst’s devotion to the team, especially this photo: “Me wearing my Jays throwback jersey at the hospital.”

Hayhurst hasn’t played a game for the Jays this season and may not get a chance to toe the Rogers Centre mound in 2010. He did, however, launch his baseball book, The Bullpen Gospels, on opening day. We recommend picking it up for summer reading and wish Hayhurst a speedy recovery from those ninjas.

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