Inside Jagmeet Singh’s destination wedding in Mexico

The NDP is counting on the outsized personality of its new leader, Jagmeet Singh, to lead the party to triumph over Justin Trudeau in the next federal election. In the meantime, Singh has been taking care of some personal business: namely, getting married to his fiancée, 27-year-old entrepreneur Gurkiran Kaur. The pair reportedly held a ceremony in the GTA on February 4, and then travelled to Mexico last week for a final ceremony and reception, after which they planned to spend a few days honeymooning in the country. Here are some photos of the festivities.

Jagmeet himself posted this photo of the Mexican ceremony:

Jazzy B, a Punjabi-language singer and songwriter, provided some of the night’s entertainment:

Jagmeet did not skimp on decor:

Here they are with Humble the Poet:

And looking like the cover of a romance novel on the beach:

A closer look at the bride’s outfit:

Here’s a compilation of videos of the party put together by a Punjabi Instagrammer:


And here’s what the local ceremony looked like, earlier in February. He should just ride this bike everywhere. It’s a good look:

Gurkiran danced:


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