Inside Juno Veterinary: How Toronto’s newest vet clinic is reinventing pet care

Inside Juno Veterinary: How Toronto’s newest vet clinic is reinventing pet care

For Samantha Miller, finding a reliable, transparent vet in Toronto seemed impossible—until a visit to Juno Veterinary gave them everything they needed

For Samantha Miller, finding a reliable, transparent vet in Toronto for her 7-year-old poodle mix, Cub, seemed impossible.

“At one point I was actually scheduling Cub’s vaccines around my yearly flights home to Nova Scotia. All the vets in Toronto were booked up and it was tough to find convenient available appointments.”

When Cub needed surgery to have a benign tumor removed, Miller once again booked a flight home, out of options in a city known for vet shortages, rushed appointments and confusing invoices.

“The vets I had visited in Toronto seemed dated and weren’t a good match for us; everything from the way I booked appointments to the exam rooms themselves felt archaic,” says Miller. “When I switched to Juno Veterinary, it was a relief to have all the info shared upfront. Cub’s vet went through our estimate line by line, so there was no sticker shock or guessing if things were add-ons or necessary.”

The future of vet care: accessible, approachable and available

Juno Veterinary, Toronto’s newest veterinary clinic, offers primary and urgent care for dogs and cats. Positioning themselves as a “reimagined kind of veterinary care,” the clinic stresses upfront pricing, same and next-day urgent appointments, and even a virtual app where members can receive almost-instant answers to questions like behavioural changes, gastro issues and surface injuries.

“I was worried about a paw issue Cub was having and used the app to send Juno a photo. They gave me guidance on what to look out for and how to manage the issue. The next day Cub was looking much better, and we managed to skip a visit to the vet entirely.”

Access to the Juno app is free as a Juno member. Being upfront about pricing is a key feature of Juno, who stress that all costs are presented upfront with no surprise bills at the end of a visit. As a pet owner living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Miller appreciates the clarity around what’s foundational care and what optional surgeries or treatments may be beneficial, but not required.

Redefining vet care for pet parents

Pet ownership in Canada is on the rise; more than half of Canadian households own a cat or dog, and 54 per cent of millennials view themselves as pet parents. But with increased costs of living and vet clinics overbooked and hard to find, quality pet care is a worry for many.

Featuring modern clinics in popular neighbourhoods like Summerhill, Leaside, Bloor West Village and soon-to-be King West (plus more on the way), Juno offers a fresh approach to vet care for both pets and owners. With ample space and comfortable seating (plus complimentary treats and beverages), the clinics are a welcome change from outdated and crowded waiting rooms. Thoughtful features like cat-only exam rooms and an end-of-life care room with a private exit go a long way to recognizing that pet owners demand—and deserve—better.

“Cub is actually excited to visit the vet, something I never thought I’d see,” shares Miller.” When we walk by the Summerhill clinic, he’ll often pull to go visit and get a treat. It’s a relief knowing the vet doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for either of us.”

Beyond easy access to appointments and the ‘regular’ features you’d expect from a vet—like vaccinations, annual wellness exams, dental cleanings, surgery, spays and neuters—Juno’s tech-forward approach offers more client autonomy; a much-appreciated move to skip the dreaded phone-to-book-an-appointment. Reschedule appointments, review detailed appointment notes from your vet and order prescriptions via their app.

“When you’re worried about your pet, you want to know you can get the best care right away. I’m relieved that now Cub has that option.”

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