Hipsters cheer, cruisers jeer: G20 protest area moved from Trinity Bellwoods to Queen’s Park

Hipsters cheer, cruisers jeer: G20 protest area moved from Trinity Bellwoods to Queen’s Park

Imagine this coming down the Bridle Path (Image: Subterranean Tourist Board)

Ironic picnics and post-brunch strolls will continue without disruption as cops issue a press release today about moving the designated G20 protest spot away from Trinity Bellwoods Park. According to Torontoist’s Twitter feed, the new location is Queen’s Park, and a robot from Olivia Chow’s office is calling to tell constituents just that. The Globe hilariously suggests moving the demonstrations to the Gardiner ceramics museum or the Summerhill LCBO. Until the location is confirmed, we’d like to continue guessing where protestors will burn their Harper effigies.

Christie Pits
It’s just as far from all the action as Trinity Bellwoods, but the fact that it’s an actual pit provides an appropriate metaphor for how these demonstrators are being treated.

Shops at Don Mills
Queen West store owners were worried about the protests disrupting their businesses. Have no fear: the stores at this outdoor mall are used to having no customers. Just ask Paul McNally.

The Bridle Path
The neighbourhood’s wide roads make for comfortable marches, but we’re more intrigued by the Odd Couple dynamic. This has reality show written all over it.

The Steamwhistle Brewery
We liked the Globe’s LCBO suggestion, since booze and angry protesters make a fun afternoon for reporters and photographers. Space may be an issue in Rosedale, though, so we’re going with the Roundhouse.

Yonge-Dundas Square
It’s the default place for everything, isn’t it? Protesters get a high-profile location, tourists take away a memorable snapshot of the city, and no one will notice the increased number of people. Throw in a pillow fight from Newmindspace and a bunch of promotional trucks handing out free samples of yogurt and it won’t be that different from a typical Saturday.