GO train seats are about to get cushier, curvier and cleaner

GO train seats are about to get cushier, curvier and cleaner

Before (left) and after (right). (Image: Metrolinx)

GO trains aren’t known for their thoughtful interior design. Odds are that nothing will ever change that, but it’s nice that Metrolinx is trying. The GO Transit operator says it will slowly be refurbishing the interiors of all its trains over the next two decades. The changes are expected to make things easier on riders’ ears, noses—and, naturally, their butts.

According to Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins, the first of the refurbished trains will be rideable by the end of the year. Changes will include new seats, designed to do a better job of coddling passengers than the current ones. “They have a newer, ergonomic seat that cradles the rider better, so it supports your back and your bottom, and provides great neck support,” Aikins said. “A lot of our customers like to sleep. And so the way [the new seats] shape the neck support will hopefully encourage the head to stay in place rather than go on their neighbour.”

A closer look at the new interior. (Image: Metrolinx)

The new interiors will also include cushioned carpeting to muffle the sound of feet, and softer lighting to keep hurried commuters serene. The most noticeable change will be to the upholstery on the seating. Rather than the traditional blue, it will be GO-train green. The new fabric is supposedly more stain resistant than the stuff GO has used in the past—a claim that riders will likely put to the test in pretty short order.

The province just announced the purchase of 65 new GO train cars from Bombardier earlier today, and Aikins says all of them will come fitted with the new interior features, while older cars will be revamped when they go in for scheduled refurbishment. It will take about 18 years for the whole fleet to be redone, by which point we imagine it will be time for another interior upgrade. Maybe we could get something more along the lines of this?