Full text: Doug Ford’s statement to the media about his brother’s leave of absence

Full text: Doug Ford's statement to the media about his brother's leave of absence
(Image: Christopher Drost)

A few minutes ago at city hall, Doug Ford addressed the media about his brother’s leave of absence following Wednesday night’s revelations. Choking back tears, he expressed relief at Rob Ford‘s decision to step back temporarily from politics. Doug also asked the media to “respect [the] privacy,” which seems like a tall order. He took no questions from reporters and didn’t specifically address any of the mayor’s recent misbehaviour.

A transcript of his statement is below.

Well folks, I can tell you that this is one of the toughest days of my life. But in saying that, I also have a sense of relief. As an older brother, I’m relieved that Rob has faced his problems and has decided to seek professional help. This is not an easy thing for anyone to do, especially when you’re the mayor of the city. I encouraged my brother to take this time for himself, and for the sake of his family. Many people believe they can handle any problem by themselves. However, sometimes you need the help of your family, your friends and professionals. Rob was very emotional when he told me the hardest thing about this is he knows he let people down. He let his family down. He let his friends down. He let his colleagues down. He let his supporters down, and the people of Toronto. I told Rob that everyone knows someone who has faced these challenges, and I know they will wish him well and a speedy recovery. I also believe this with even people that may not have the same political stripes as Rob does. I love my brother. I’ll continue to stand by my brother and his family throughout this difficult journey. Please join me and keep Rob and his family in your prayers. In the interest of Rob’s family, I ask the media, please respect his privacy.


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