Our favourite Q&As from the past year

Every month in the magazine, we sit down with a newsmaker and grill them one-on-one. This year’s interviewees included powerful politicians like Bill Morneau, who at the time had just been appointed Justin Trudeau’s finance minister, and Kellie Leitch, the Conservative leadership candidate who’s running on a “Canadian values” platform that has earned her comparisons to Donald Trump. We also interviewed an artisanal whiskey distiller and a Canadian soldier who volunteered to join the fight against ISIS in Iraq. As we look forward to another year of Q&As, here are ten of our favourites from 2016. Click the titles to read them.

John Tory

Key quote: “I don’t think you want to discourage candidates from making bold proposals.”


Kellie Leitch.
Photograph by Erin Leydon Photograph by Erin Leydon

Key quote: “I would say that I shouldn’t be so verbose.”


Photograph by Erin Leydon

Key quote: “I hate losing. I don’t care if it’s checkers, Monopoly, whatever. I hate it. I’d like to take another run at Tory.”


Mitzie Hunter

Key quote: “The premier called and I answered.”



Key quote: “My staff advised me not to go out there, but I did anyway. I felt it was my duty. Then suddenly 100 cabbies closed in on me, and I was surrounded.”



Key quote: “The LCBO charge a 140 per cent markup, which is fine for the bottles in their stores. But for the ones we sell ourselves, we pay for our trucks, employees, bricks and mortar. We believe that constitutes taxation without representation, because Queen’s Park never legislated it.”




Key quote: “The Internet might be borderless, but content rights aren’t.”


Bill Morneau

Key quote: “The way to help the middle class is by raising taxes on the wealthiest. Its impact on me is beside the point.”



Key quote: “My words of wisdom for Mr. Obama: when it comes to daughters and dating, fear is an asset.”


Dillon Hillier

Key quote: “I didn’t want to sit back and watch the world burn on CNN.”


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