What fans were saying about Chris Coghlan’s amazing home plate somersault

The Blue Jays’ efforts to reverse their losing record got a huge boost last night, from an unexpected source. Chris Coghlan, who was added to the team’s roster just two weeks ago, was on first base during the seventh inning of Tuesday’s away game against the St. Louis Cardinals. When centre fielder Kevin Pillar hit a ball into the outfield fence, Coghlan sped around the bases, as one does.

As he was approaching home plate, the ball landed in the glove of Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina, who was standing on the baseline to make the tag. Most players would have barrelled into Molina and been called out. Coghlan, meanwhile, leapt into the air, dove over Molina’s head, and then somehow executed a flawless somersault over home plate, earning the Jays a run in a tight game—which they would ultimately win, by a single run, in extra innings.

Once fans’ hearts had stopped palpitating, they started tweeting. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Here’s a look at the play from one angle:

And another:

It’s a little soon to say whether this morale-boost will have any long-term effect on the season’s direction, but some people are feeling optimistic:

In the moments after Coghlan’s leap, the mood was pure amazement:

Afterward, the skeptics started to pipe up. There’s a contingent of people who think Coghlan’s run wouldn’t have stood up to a challenge at third base:

Coghlan’s maneuver is already being touted as this season’s “bat flip”:


Or maybe it was even better than Bautista’s bat flip?

Some loved Coghlan’s leap more than they love their own families:

If baseball doesn’t work out, Coghlan could probably have a career in b-boy dancing:

The glow from the run hasn’t quite worn off yet:

Though the mood would be very different if Coghlan had sprained something in the attempt:


This isn’t the first bizarre incident involving Yadier Molina this season:

And here, finally, is the one true tweet about all of this:


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