An exhaustive list of magazine covers featuring Justin Trudeau

An exhaustive list of magazine covers featuring Justin Trudeau

The latest Rolling Stone, released this morning, is fronted by Justin Trudeau, alongside a coverline asking, “Why can’t he be our president?” (Presumably, they know why.) This is not the first time the Prime Minister has graced the exterior of a magazine. The face that launched a thousand thinkpieces has also appeared on at least seven other covers.

Rolling Stone

Issue: August 10 2017

Trudeau was photographed by Martin Schoeller, and the accompanying feature was written by Stephen Rodrick, who focused on the PM’s image management. The piece portrays Trudeau as “the free world’s best hope.”

You might think, after its past troubles, Rolling Stone would fact-check very carefully. But the story, when it was first published online, was sprinkled with errors, including references to the “Royal Canadian Mountain Police” and the “St. John River.”


Canadian Business

Issue: April 29 2013

Back when Trudeau was still in opposition, Canadian Business tried to suss out his positions on various economic issues. (We were too fixated on Trudeau’s enormously fat tie to devote much thought to the question.)


Sky Delta

Issue: July 2017

Somehow, the Prime Minister found time to pose for Delta Airlines’ in-flight magazine, for which he was photographed straddling a backwards chair. The Q&A inside the issue was mostly about Canada 150 celebrations, and the whole thing was pegged to a seat sale run by Delta to mark the sesquicentennial.



Issue: May 2016

This isn’t a real cover. Ryan Reynolds, Drake and Trudeau were all named to GQ’s list of the Most Stylish Men Alive. But after Reynolds and Drake were both included on different cover versions, the magazine’s editors felt including the prime minister would be Canadiana overkill. So they released this cover as an online exclusive, alongside an apologetic note.



Issue: September 1 2014

Canada’s national newsweekly has a longstanding obsession with Trudeau, dating back to before he launched his political career. The magazine has featured him on its cover on at least five separate occasions, chronicling his evolution from mopheaded newcomer to first minister.


Power & Influence

Issue: 2014

Dave Chan photographed Trudeau for this exquisitely titled magazine (published annually by the Hill Times), but the accompanying story was really more about the money-men stocking the Liberal Party’s war chest.


Bloomberg Businessweek

Issue: May 1 to May 7 2017

Like many of its American counterparts, Bloomberg frames the brooding Trudeau as the “Anti-Trump.” The article inside covered mainly economic topics —which makes sense, since it’s in Businessweek and it was written by John Micklethwait, formerly editor-in-chief of The Economist.


Toronto Life

Issue: December 2016

The GOAT, as far as Trudeau covers go. Enough said.