Conrad Black free on $2-million bail, but can’t come to Toronto

Conrad Black free on $2-million bail, but can’t come to Toronto

Drawing out this drama even further, U.S. judge Amy St. Eve has set the terms of Conrad Black’s bail. The media baron needs to post $2 million, secured by a friend—and the last week has shown just how many friends and wealthy well-wishers Black has. He also cannot leave the United States, meaning a reunion with family is going to have to happen stateside.

The Globe and Mail has the rest of the details:

Lord Black’s lawyers still have much paperwork to finish before he can be released. And Lord Black will have to appear in the Chicago court after his release to hear instructions from Judge St. Eve. That could come later this week.

It’s not clear if everything can be finished today.

Black still faces legal charges that were not vacated by the court, but he will at least be able to fight those outside a cellblock. He will, however, have to foot a pretty hefty legal bill on his own, as the Globe reports his insurance has been all used up. But as this morning showed, no doubt he’ll be able to get by with a little help from his friends.

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