Conrad Black applies for bail—and he just might get it

Conrad Black applies for bail—and he just might get it

Black tie: Conrad in happier in times (Image: Tom Sandler/Getty Entertainment/Getty Images)

As widely expected, Conrad Black isn’t wasting any time trying to get out of his cell block. The former newspaper tycoon, having had most of his charges set aside by the U.S. Supreme Court (nothing says vindication like “mostly not guilty”), is now applying for bail and release from prison. Some important points the court will consider, no doubt, will be that the usually serious obstruction of justice charge was not stayed by the Supremes, and that Black was denied bail when he applied for it in 2008.

Fun fact: after sharing his legal victory with former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling, Black is continuing to rely on the legal services of a former nominee—but never a confirmed judge—from the George W. Bush administration, Miguel Estrada. Black may enjoy running in the same circles as prominent U.S. conservatives, but we always assumed he didn’t want to be labelled “defendant” while doing it.

Nevertheless, most reports say that Black can probably expect to taste freedom soon. Will the National Post cover it? It’s a shame that Sun News won’t be up and running sooner, or we could have a 24-hour countdown clock for the conservative media baron’s release.

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