City’s new recycling program takes cues from Cash for Gold

This week’s homegrown viral video comes from the municipal government, which earlier in the week released a series of commercials for its electronics-recycling program. The videos star improv actors Mike “Nug” Nahrgang and Marty Adams (the kids know him from Video on Trial) as garbage collectors delivering their “You got an old printer? We want it! You got an old cellphone? We want it!” spiel for 90 seconds.

For the humourless, the city goes to great lengths to explain why these commercials are funny:

This hilarious video is a spoof of the hard sell ‘bring us your gold jewellery’ ads. Two very enthusiastic collectors, Chuck and Vince mug for the camera exclaiming “We want your unwanted electronics!!! It’s easy, just put them out on garbage day.”

It’s funny, though it would have worked better as a 30-second spot (which they also have), because the minute-and-a-half one reminds us of an SNL skit that’s gone on for too long.

What other awful commercials will the city spoof next? The Snazzy Napper to drum up support for fashion week? The Neckline Slimmer to promote tolerance? The Shake Weight to promote safe sex?

• City collects electronics for recycling [City of Toronto]


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