The ridiculously elaborate high-fives of the newly victorious Blue Jays

The ridiculously elaborate high-fives of the newly victorious Blue Jays

The Blue Jays have had plenty to celebrate lately—and, if you’ve just started paying attention, you’ve probably noticed they have some strange ways of doing that. Here, a selection of the most elaborate high-fives, handshakes, backslaps and other on-field victory gestures from a few of the team’s recent games.

Jose Bautista makes it rainThe Rainmaker
Jose Bautista and Ryan Goins appear to mime making it rain, shuffling bills from their hands into the sky.

Josh Donaldson and Ryan Goins do a celebration danceThe Dance
Josh Donaldson greets Ryan Goins with a simple hand tap, then mixes it up with crossed-arm, full-body wiggle.

Chris Colabello shakes hands with a bat boyThe Godfather
Chris Colabello low-fives a bat boy before making some kind of Italian hand gesture—bellissima! Kevin Pillar then gets some kind of a do-si-do.

Ryan Goins and Chris Colabello celebrate in the dugoutThe Tap and Tug
Ryan Goins meets Chris Colabello halfway down the dugout, where they tap twice down low before pulling at each other’s shoulders. The pair finish the move with unison fist pumps.

Ryan Goins and Kevin Pillar do-si-doThe Invisible Trampoline
Kevin Pillar and Ryan Goins jump up and down with each other, hands pumping in unison over their heads.

Jose Bautista gives around-the-world high fivesThe Vasco da Gama
Handshake masters Josh Donaldson and Jose Bautista do a series of “around the world” high fives with other members of the club.

Jose Bautista celebrates in the dugoutThe Gameshow Winner
Bautista moves along a row of teammates, finishing with a couple low taps for Dioner Navarro. Then they clap gently above their heads, Kidstreet style.

Josh Donaldson celebrates after a walk-off singleThe Potential Workplace Harassment Lawsuit
Ryan Goins climbs on Josh Donaldson’s back, as Donaldson staggers around high-fiving everyone, then gets his torn jersey put down the neck of his undershirt.