We chatted with guests about creativity in the Color Cannabis lounge at Toronto Life’s Best Dressed event

We chatted with guests about creativity in the Color Cannabis lounge at Toronto Life’s Best Dressed event

Torontonians open up about their personal cannabis consumption

An eclectic collection of well-known Torontonians—including chefs, producers, stylists and TV personalities—gathered at the QRC West on September 5th to celebrate Toronto Life’s annual list of the city’s 25 most stylish citizens. This year, the list was all about sartorial self-expression and creativity: the person who topped it was drag queen extraordinaire Brooke Lynn Hytes, who rose to fame after appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race last year. During the evening, guests took in a show-stopping performance by Hytes herself, were mesmerized by acrobats dangling from the ceiling and got to interact with a collection of brands that also value self-expression and creativity—including Color Cannabis, a new recreational label from WeedMD that aims to inspire connections to everyday beauty.

Color’s cozy lounge was the perfect party respite: attendees could rest their feet on purple sofas, snap retro Polaroid pics with their pals and learn about the brand’s history and goals. We took the opportunity to chat to creatives from a variety of industries about the use of cannabis in their day-to-day lives. Here are a few of the results:

Carly, trend forecaster

“I find that cannabis can provide different experiences at various points in the day. For me, cannabis is about variance, and my cannabis use is as varied as my daily life. I use different strains in the morning versus at night, and love all the diverse ways you can ingest it. For instance, an oil or a tincture at night is a distinct experience from a CBD bath bomb—which I love to use to unwind. I find a bit of sativa in the morning can be uplifting and it gets my brain and body going.”

Joanna, stylist and producer

“I’ve been a cannabis user for a long time, and usually use for one of two reasons: the first is to chill out. I work 14-hour days on the regular, so for me, it’s important to be able to actively relax. The other time I’ll use it is when I need a little bit of a kick, or am searching for some inspiration. I’ll consume to see where it takes me.”

Karim, DJ and producer

“DJ-wise, I find cannabis expands my mind at times. I always search for inspiration whenever I’m record digging. When I’m listening to music and looking for sounds, cannabis can help me zone in on elements I enjoy about a song, and lets me decide what I want to put into my own creative play. I also use cannabis to relax at the end of a long day.”

Rhiannon, entrepreneur

“In all honesty, I prefer cannabis over alcohol. I lead a really busy life: I’ve got jam-packed meetings during the week. On the weekend, when I want to relax, I prefer to use cannabis because I can wake up in the morning and still feel great. There’s no hangover, so I can still hit the gym and do all the things I love to do. The drinking culture is something that takes a big toll on my body, and with cannabis I don’t feel the same effects. I also like to write poetry on the side, and certain strains can help me get into a flow. It’s something that can be worked into my life, and helps me feel creative, inspired and more in touch with nature.”

During the rest of the Best Dressed party, guests would wander up to the booth to inhale a range of cannabis-inspired aromatherapy blends. They got to learn about everything from Color’s state-of-the-art cultivation process (hint: they trim all their flowers by hand) to their perfectly curated selection of strains. We learned a thing or two, too: Torontonians are becoming way more open about their personal habits, and they’re starting to fully explore all the ways in which cannabis can be experienced, whether it’s a CBD bath bomb before bed or a sativa tincture before a nature hike.

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