A romantic weekend getaway in St. Martin

A romantic weekend getaway in St. Martin

Love is in the warm, Caribbean air with this intimate itinerary designed for couples

Photo: Donovane Tremor

From idyllic views and sandy beaches, to candle-lit restaurants and bonding adventures, St. Martin truly is a lovers’ paradise. This charming Caribbean island may be small, but it’s packed with romantic settings and attractions perfect for intimate getaways.

This culture-rich island in the Caribbean is well-known for being the smallest territory to be shared between two nations (France and The Netherlands)—but visitors can pass freely between sides. It’s home to over a hundred different nationalities and cultures.

Keep reading for the ultimate itinerary for a weekend of romance.

Day 1

Early morning: Sunrise Breakfast Picnic
Photo: Donovane Tremor

St. Martin is only 37 square miles but has 37 beaches surrounding the island. This means you have a plethora of stunning spots to choose from for an ocean-side sunrise viewing. There’s nothing more romantic than walking along the sand and watching the warm colours ripple through the ocean water with your partner by your side.

Wondering which beach to visit? Anywhere along Orient Bay Beach, located on the east side of St. Martin, is popular for its breathtaking sunrise views. Don’t forget to pack a few local goodies (pastries from Salon de Thé or a few of the island’s famous Johnnycakes) to make it a sunrise picnic.

For sunsets, Lovers Beach, appropriately named since its tiny size only allows for a couple of visitors at a time, is a hidden local gem that’s known for its beautifully rocky secluded scenery and crisp blue waters. Enjoy spectacular sunsets from Grand Case Beach as well.

Early afternoon: Explore and Shop Around Marigot
Photo: Donovane Tremor

After your relaxing and intimate morning, head on over to the cobbled streets of colourful Marigot for an afternoon of exploring and shopping. With French-inspired boutiques along Rue du Général de Gaulle, Rue la Liberté or even the West Indies Mall, you’ll find everything from luxury clothing to jewelry brands, as well as more local finds such as artwork and locally brewed Guavaberry liqueur, a St. Martin specialty.

Late afternoon: Couple’s Massage at A Touch of Handz
Photo: Donovane Tremor

After a long day of touring and adventure, it’s time to wind down with a romantic couple’s massage. You can’t go wrong with A Touch of Handz; share a zen moment with your loved one literally anywhere—this portable company can meet you anywhere you’d like, whether it’s in your private hotel room or on a yacht for a treatment on the water.

Evening: Dinner at L’Atelier

Make your way to St. Martin’s famous Orient Bay for an evening of fine dining in the elegant restaurant district. Head to L’Atelier, an elegant French restaurant known for its exceptional meats and fresh fish. Plus: It’s modern indoor/outdoor seating makes for a dimly lit, very sensual setting.

Day 2

Morning: Breakfast + Dip at Sunset Café
Photo: Andrew

For an intimate breakfast for two, visit the Sunset Café located in the Grand Case Beach Club. This elegant dining spot located on the French side has a wide range of breakfast and brunch options including sweet and savoury crèpes, French pastries and fresh seafood. Plus: This local favourite overlooks Petite Plage, a pristine beach that’s perfect for swimming, snorkelling or just sunbathing.

Early Afternoon: Lunch + Adventure at Loterie Farm
Photo: Donovane Tremor

If you’re an adventure-chasing couple, Loterie Farm is for you. This local hot spot is not only a nature reserve and sanctuary, but also a high-end adventure resort. LA-bred William Jordan (BJ) Welch invested in this neglected lot of land back in 1995 and breathed life back into it with more than a decade of tree planting and ecosystem reviving. Now, this hub offers a variety of activities, from hiking and ziplining, as well as a scenic spot to lounge with its fresh spring water pool, jacuzzi and private cabanas.

Evening: Dinner at La Cigale

If you’re looking for an elegant and intimate dinner spot, La Cigale, a cozy local favourite in the French neighbourhood of Baie Nettlé (Nettle Bay), will be your new favourite restaurant. Along with its selection of decadent and mouth-watering French cuisine, the candle-lit seaside ambience makes it the ultimate date night.

Late night: Night Swimming

Finally, end off your romantic day with a late-night dip off one of St. Martin’s many stunning beaches. If you’re feeling saucy, hit one of the area’s clothing-optional beaches, like Orient Bay for a truly memorable goodbye to “The Friendly Island.”