We Tried Out Endy, Canada’s Favourite Mattress

We Tried Out Endy, Canada’s Favourite Mattress

In search of a better night’s sleep, we decided it was time to upsize to a quality, king size mattress as we prepare to move into our first home. Endy’s mattress-in-a-box exceeded all of our luxe bedroom dreams

After diving into the surprisingly hot real estate market this autumn, my husband and I became the proud owners of our first house that we’ll be moving into in 2021. With the prospect of more space, we began planning what each room could look like, with special attention given to the bedroom. After many restless nights in our current setup, we both agreed that this was the perfect time to upgrade to a king size bed.

It can be tricky receiving packages in our low-rise condo building without a concierge, so we debated the logistics of how to get a huge mattress ordered to our building without a moving truck or delivery people in our unit. Enter Endy: The mattress everyone on the internet can’t stop obsessing over.

After tons of research (we’re basically mattress pros now), we learned that Endy had 20,000+ Canadian reviews with an average 4.9 star rating, and a 10-year warranty. Plus, it won the 2020 Product of the Year award for Mattress-in-a-Box.  We also really loved that Endy is Canadian-made, as we’ve aimed to shop local and Canadian as we source everything we need for our new home. Our decision was a no-brainer once we heard about their 100 Night Trial period (during which you can really ensure it’s the right mattress for you) and the bonus of free shipping to every province. 

We also consulted with our close friends who recently purchased an Endy mattress.  They have a one-year-old baby who spends quite a bit of time in the bed with them, and our friends raved about how comfortable the mattress was for all, and the quality of sleep they were experiencing. New parents boasting about all the sleep they were getting!? That’s all we needed to hear to pull the trigger.  

What to expect from the mattress

Setting up the mattress was incredibly straightforward and we easily removed it from the box and vacuum sealed packaging. While it helped to have the pair of us to tear the packaging open, it can easily be done by one person on their own. After cutting the vacuum-sealed packaging, we placed the mattress onto our bed frame to expand—which it did surprisingly quickly! The instructions claim that it can take several days for the mattress to reach full firmness, but that it’s totally fine to sleep on it right away. We gave it 12 hours before our first sleep. During the inflation period, there was absolutely no odour or off-gas scent, which was unexpected and refreshing for a foam mattress. We learned later that Endy is not only CertiPUR-US® certified, which means the foam itself is free of harmful chemicals, but that Endy is also the only Canadian-made mattress to earn GREENGUARD Gold certification (this means it meets the absolute strictest international safety standards for household products). That’s a win in our books. 

While I have always preferred a firmer mattress than my husband, we found that our new Endy mattress achieved a compromise with a medium firmness. (Compromise is, after all, the key to a lifetime of happy sleeps!) We were eager to test if we’d get the support we require as devoted side-sleepers.   

The sleep trial

The biggest (and most pleasant) surprise was that I wasn’t awoken by my husband’s constant movement throughout the night. He’s a heavy sleeper who loves to switch sides and kick while sleeping—much to the dismay of a light sleeper like me! We have the “transitional foam” middle layer of the Endy mattress to thank for this undisturbed sleep: It provides a gradual transfer of energy, so there’s absolutely no motion transfer when your partner is rolling around—as mine does, often. Plus, Endy’s top layer, which they call “Comfort Foam” provided the support we needed for every position we slept in. As a bonus, this layer is made with open air cell foam, which kept us cool throughout the night. Even though we’re both side sleepers, we sometimes switch to our backs; still, we were both so impressed with the mattress’s comfortable cushioning for every position we snoozed in.  

To be honest, I’m the type of “Princess and the Pea” person who needs several days to adjust to a new sleeping environment, but I enjoyed a completely uninterrupted full night’s rest on day one. When I awoke from a deep slumber to my alarm ringing, I couldn’t believe I had gotten seven whole hours of shut-eye, and I was beyond thrilled to sleep right through to the AM over the following nights. “Goodbye under-eye bags!” I shouted, tossing my concealer into the waste bin. (Who are we kidding, I’ll still need that concealer.)  

All in all, we’re extremely pleased with our heavenly new Endy mattress. The bed provides plenty of support and comfort for the both of us, and Endy’s motion transfer elimination has been a massive game-changer for totally undisturbed (and much-needed) rest. As we begin the stressful process of packing up our condo for the big move, one thing we don’t have to worry about anymore is feeling exhausted, as we’ve been able to relax, recharge, and count on a good night at the end of each busy day.  

Thank you, Endy, for restoring this formerly-tired couples’ sleep and granting us the sought-after seven full hours of snoozing we’ve always dreamed of!