Toronto’s Best Dressed: Roslyn Griffith Hall

Toronto's Best Dressed: Roslyn Griffith Hall

In a sea of similarly dressed socialites at the launch party for the revamped Teatro Verde store in Yorkville, we came across fashion stylist Roslyn Griffith Hall, who nailed recession chic in a denim jumpsuit from The Gap. Here, her take on why less is not necessarily more and her not-so-secret connection to Ben Mulroney’s blazers.

There’s a lot going on in that outfit. Are you a more-is-more kind of person? Sure. For me, it’s all about the mood I’m in. I’ve been wearing this hat for years, and since I started designing jewellery, I tend to wear a lot of it.

What about the gloves? Are those a nod to fashion or a nod to swine flu? I’ve been wearing gloves forever, so it’s not because of swine flu. They’re like a second skin. Whenever Holts gets new gloves, I buy out the size sevens.

Is there a particular designer you are loving these days? Haider Ackermann. He’s all about sexy rock ’n’ roll, but with class. His pieces are expensive but amazing.

What kind of styling do you do? For years, I was doing everyone on Canadian Idol, but now that’s on a break, so I’m working on my jewellery line.

Are you telling us that you’re the woman behind Ben Mulroney’s blazers? Yes. I chose all of Ben’s suits for Idol, and I dressed him recently for the Innovators’ Ball.

What about the tan? I didn’t have anything to do with the tan, but I did do his pocket squares.

Final question: are you planning to leave the sunglasses on all night? Yeah. I guess you could say they’re the new eye makeup.



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