Toronto’s Best Dressed: Laya Bail and Hayley French

Toronto’s Best Dressed: Laya Bail and Hayley French

Pulling off the trends du jour can be a slippery slope (just ask this crazy lady), but long-time BFFs Laya Bail and Hayley French are up to the challenge. Granted, they’re also barely out of their teens and look like they walked off the set of Gossip Girl. (We’re not sure if we want to date them or be them.) This best-dressed duo, spotted at the Power Ball, explain why fashion is forever, but miniskirts have an expiration date.

Laya Bail (left) and Hayley French (Photo by Courtney Shea)

Do you guys always dress alike?
HF: No, but it does happen a lot. In high school, we’d show up at parties in the same dress. It’s because we spend a lot of time together.

You’re obviously both loving this season’s must-have boyfriend blazer. Where are yours from?
HF: Mine’s from Club Monaco.
LB: I found this at Value Village. I think it was the jacket of a little boy’s tuxedo.

Is there a recent mega-trend that you’re not so fond of?
HF: I have to say, I really don’t understand the whole drop-crotch harem pants thing.
LB: Hey, I have harem pants. I like to wear them with a hot corset. I think there are ways to pull off almost anything as long as you mix louder pieces with more basic stuff.
HF: I love people who can do that. Just toss a bunch of different things together and look really unique. I’m not good at it. My style is less daring, more classic.

How old is too old to wear lace leggings and miniskirts?
HF: I don’t know. I think as you get older, the hemlines come down and the necklines should go up. I won’t be wearing this outfit 10 years from now.
LB: I try to be appropriate. Tonight is fun. It’s an art party, so I can wear something a little wild, but you won’t see me wearing lace leggings at dinner with my parents.

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