Toronto Life nominated for 24 National Magazine Awards

Toronto Life nominated for 24 National Magazine Awards

The nominations for the 35th annual National Magazine Awards were announced this week, and we’re very pleased to report that Toronto Life was recognized in 16 written, four visual and three integrated categories, as well as the special Magazine of the Year (Digital) category, for a total of 24 nominations. The awards will be handed out on June 7 at a gala at the Carlu. Check out all of our nominations, along with links to the stories, below.

  • Magazine of the Year (Digital):
  • Best Multimedia Feature: by Laura Antonik, Andrew Wallace, Andrew D’Cruz, Kevin Naulls, Dmitry Beniaminov, Gary Campbell, Michelle Darwin and freelance contributors
  • Magazine Covers: “The Truth about Tim Hudak” by Christine Dewairy
  • Words and Pictures: “Going Mobile” by Nicholas Hune-Brown, Christine Dewairy, Lee Towndrow, Sarah Fulford and Mark Pupo
  • Arts and Entertainment: “The Pink Indian” by Gerald Hannon
  • Arts and Entertainment: “The Man in the Mouse” by Sarah Liss
  • Best Short Feature: “And Nanny Makes Three” (PDF) by Camilla Gibb
  • Columns: “The Critic” by Chris Nuttall-Smith
  • Columns: “The Woman Behind the Mayor” by Jan Wong
  • Editorial Package: “50 Reasons to Love Toronto” by Bert Archer, Denise Balkissoon, Andrew D’Cruz, Rachel Giese, Matthew Hague, Rachel Heinrichs, Nicholas Hune-Brown, Emily Landau, Veronica Maddocks, Jason McBride, Philip Preville, Kelly Pullen, Matthew Scianitti, John Semley, Courtney Shea, Heidi Sopinka, Stéphanie Verge, Sarah Fulford and Mark Pupo
  • Editorial Package: “The Digital Issue” by Natasha Fatah, Nicholas Hune-Brown, Jason McBride, Alexandra Molotkow, Sarah Fulford, Mark Pupo
  • One of a Kind: “We Are McLuhan” by Jason McBride
  • Politics and Public Interest: “Cop-Out” by Nicholas Hune-Brown
  • Profiles: “Munsch’s Monsters” by Don Gillmor
  • Profiles: “One Hundred and Eighteen Days” by Gerald Hannon
  • Profiles: “True Grit” by Katrina Onstad
  • Service: Lifestyle: “Best of the City” by Denise Balkissoon, Andrew D’Cruz, Vanessa Farquharson, Lia Grainger, Matthew Hague, Rachel Heinrichs, Chris Johns, Emily Landau, Chris Nuttall-Smith, Peter Saltsman, Maryam Sanati, Courtney Shea, Stéphanie Verge
  • Service: Lifestyle: “Where to Eat Now” by Chris Nuttall-Smith
  • Sports and Recreation: “Poker Face” by Jason McBride
  • Sports and Recreation: “The Running Cult” by Rachel Heinrichs
  • Art Direction for a Single Magazine Article: “My Cybersexual Education” by Christine Dewairy
  • Best Digital Design: by Laura Antonik, Andrew Wallace, Gary Campbell, Michelle Darwin
  • Portrait Photography: “Cop-Out” by Daniel Ehrenworth
  • Portrait Photography: “True Grit” by Naomi Harris


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