A look at eight must-follow Twitter accounts from Toronto’s transforming fashion community

A look at eight must-follow Twitter accounts from Toronto’s transforming fashion community

Illustration by Laura Antonik (Image: FAT)

Twitter is swiftly becoming a place where fashion news is broken. Case in point: when Jeanne Beker announced the end of Fashion Television, it was via a tweet, not a press conference. While most Toronto fashion news isn’t as big as the end of FT, when there’s news to share, the online community is there first—and first to offer its two cents. Sure, there’s a lot of fluff and navel-gazing from those who view themselves as the  “bloggers on the front row,” but there’s also a network of commentators that are offering a window into the fantastical world of fashion and keeping the aspiring in-crowd informed and educated. Here’s a look at the eight Toronto Twitter handles you need to follow—the ones that are the most funny, irreverent, clever, informative and, well, aspirational.

Followers: 7,964
Tweet frequency:
When she’s doing fun stuff, she’ll tweet seven or more times a day
Sample tweet:
“If you’re going to pick your nose in your Porsche, you should have opted for tinted windows.”
Why we follow her:
Amy Verner is a style reporter for the Globe and Mail currently living in France. She may write a bit of irksome Franglais from time to time, but her tweets about the adventures she’s having in Paris (including the French presidential debates!) and commentary on Toronto and global fashion, culture, arts and food are second to none.

Followers: 905
Tweet frequency:
Six or more a day (more when he’s poolside)
Sample tweet:
“Dear Vancouver, I hate that you always make me feel overdressed.”
Why we follow him:
He’s the fashionable creative marketing director for Ports 1961. He travels the globe and picks out dresses for friends while poolside. Anyone who wants to be a voyeur would be wise to get on board.

Followers: 2,114
Tweet frequency:
Once a day
Sample tweet: “Happy Macaron Day!”
Why we follow:
This account is updated by Toronto’s Tim Chan (@MrTimChan) and New York’s Peter Ash Lee (@PeterAshLee), founders of Corduroy. We love the updates from New York and Toronto fashion events, and the inside looks at photo shoots. The commentary about the evolution of America’s Next Top Model is also a treat.

Followers: 1,380
Tweet frequency:
Lately, she’s been tweeting at least once a day
Sample tweet: “Gift cards are not, nor will they ever be, payment for a job done. End of story.”
Why we follow her: We like the exploits of street style photographer Stefania Yarhi as she journeys from subject to subject in the streets of Toronto’s neighbourhoods.

Followers: 2,771
Tweet frequency: one to three tweets a day
Sample tweet: “Lifted my boycott of the Birther aka Trump Tower for my love of @gretconstantine premiering a short doc on creating their Fall 2012 line.”
Why we follow her: She’s one of our favourite subjects to photograph at fashion and society parties, and now that’s she’s attempting to popularize her fashion meme #fashionobnoxity, she’s one of our favourite Tweeters.

Followers: 6,073
Tweet frequency: Sometimes it feels like we’re reading a bon mot or a rant once an hour
Sample tweet: “Oh cute another white girl wearing a native headdress for her tweecore music video. Don’t like stab yourself with those antlers or anything.”
Why we follow her:
Style scribe Sarah Nicole Prickett may have jetted off to New York City for a little while, but she’s still an icon in the Toronto fashion scene—and just as irreverent about everything she tweets. We like her take on fashion trends like the proliferation of bra tops and her view of what an artist’s mandate should be. Enjoy!

Followers: 3,927
Tweet frequency: The magazine tweets an average of four times a day
Sample tweet: “When it comes to fashion, we’ve never had more choice. Why do we choose so narrowly? GS”
Why we follow: Worn Fashion Journal isn’t your average fashion magazine with a Twitter presence—you won’t find an abundance of exclamation marks or words and phrases like “glam” and “summer beach bod.” Instead, we dig them because we can read about one writer’s reflection on the style of film Beetlejuice and dad fashion.

Followers: 3,192
Tweet frequency: Kevin Naulls just doesn’t shut up.
Sample tweet: “Ashley Tisdale is the sex icon of our time.”
Why we follow him:
We’re still trying to figure that out.