The classic leather jacket gets a bespoke makeover on Dupont

The classic leather jacket gets a bespoke makeover on Dupont

Just in time for those cool late-October evenings

At Namesake, designer Rosa Halpern’s jackets are handmade to order and infinitely customizable. From $1,195. Photograph by Thomas van der Zaag

The leather jacket, fall’s most versatile piece, gets the bespoke treatment at Namesake. Each of designer Rosa Halpern six basic styles is named after influential women like Yoko Ono, Grace Jones or Frida Kahlo. “They just make you feel really empowered and badass,” Halpern says of her made-to-order toppers (Halpern herself is named after two famous Rosas: Rosa Parks and philosopher Rosa Luxemburg).

Shopping at Halpern’s Dupont Street atelier is a choose-your-own-adventure experience. The space is filled with over 30 different kinds of leather, plus a huge range of hardware, lining and embellishment options. Visitors can select one of the six styles and personalize each step from there, or Halpern can start from scratch on a one-of-a-kind piece. Halpern takes around 12 hours to make a jacket, so she gives each order a a four- to six-week lead time. If you order one next month, it’ll be ready in time for those cool late-October evenings.

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