Toronto boys ditching hockey hair for Bieber bob

Toronto boys ditching hockey hair for Bieber bob

The Bieber bob (Image: Jake Auzzie)

It was only a matter of time before our kids wanted to look like Justin Bieber (we only hope they don’t pick up his studying habits). As we reported yesterday, the New York Times has already written about Bieber’s hairstyle becoming a trend among boys. Today, the Star basically published the Toronto version of that article.

The difference here is that the Bieber cut can be had for $21 at Melonhead, a children’s barbershop at Yonge and Lawrence (leave it to the Times to find parents willing to pay $175 for their 14-year-old’s haircut). Toronto kids seem to be catching on at an earlier age, with a lot of five- and six-year-olds requesting the cut. But older boys (from about age eight to 12) are the main culprits, trading in mullet-like hockey hair for the Biebs’s bob.

Of course, the Bieber do isn’t really new. How quickly people forget that the severe sideswipe bang style was previously donned by such teen heartthrobs as Zac Efron, Donny Osmond circa 1972 and Dorothy Hamill.

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