The worst dressed stars at TIFF, from Mark Wahlberg to Vera Farmiga

By Vibhu Gairola| Photography by George Pimentel

One of the best things about TIFF is ogling at famous people in pretty dresses and dapper suits. But for every glamorous gown there’s a complete dud—which, if we’re being honest, is usually much more fun to gawk at. Here are some regrettable misses from this year’s various red carpet galas.


Mark Wahlberg

For the lads, red carpet logic is so basic that it necessitates harsher judgment. Sorry, Marky Mark: from the just-going-to-the-skatepark hair to the sloppy fit of the suit and the overlong hem on the pants, nothing’s right here.


Hayley Bennet

A neither-here-nor-there hem length made the actress look much stumpier than she actually is. That cut might have worked better if her skirt had twice or thrice the bustle to support a dramatic drape.

Maria Bello

It’s especially painful to see a look go so wrong when it’s been chosen by an American actress who intentionally decided to #wearCanadian. But Bello’s statement necklace competed for attention with the deep cobalt of her Greta Constantine gown, and since sparkle invariably attracts more attention than draping, it’s hard not to see the garment as a belted bed-sheet or a confusing faux-caftan.

Jason Momoa

If you’re famous enough for a red carpet and rich enough to fly to it, you can afford a shirt tailored to fit your humongous biceps.

Felicity Jones

We’re not quite sure why Felicity Jones chose this milky-dishwater look. It probably read as airy and gossamer-fine in person, but on the red carpet it seems fussy and contrived.


Matt Damon

It may seem unfair to judge Damon for this walking-the-dog ensemble since he was just a producer on Manchester by the Sea and not actually part of the cast. But also, if you’re Matt Damon, maybe you could tuck in your shirt or get your shoes polished?


Chloë Grace Moretz

As the eye travels downward, 19-yearl-old Mortez is is completely lost in the A-line cut, making her look incongruously matronly.

Bryce Dallas Howard

From the neck up, Bryce Dallas Howard is gorgeous and fresh-faced, but from the neck down, we seem to be looking at the most glamorous real estate agent this side of the Don River.


Vera Farmiga

That maddeningly small lace panel at the top creates an almost-eerie disconnect between Farmiga’s torso and head. Combined with the funereal frills from chest to ankles, this dress makes it seem like the star’s svelte figure is continuously melting downward.


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