The Necky is the new Snuggie, André Leon Talley to judge ANTM, Rachel McAdams’s Vogue cover, Dov Charney strikes again

The Necky is the new Snuggie, André Leon Talley to judge ANTM, Rachel McAdams's Vogue cover, Dov Charney strikes again

Rachel McAdams is on the cover of January’s Vogue, wearing floral print, a cardigan and a terrible hairdo. She’s a Toronto girl, so we’re full of pride, especially because Vogue covers tend to be reserved for the same few American and British celebs. But we can’t get over that hair, which has been described as Kate Gosselin–esque, and that’s never a good thing. [Lainey Gossip] Dov Charney is at it again. The mustachioed CEO of American Apparel is apparently telling staffers how to tweeze their brows. In an e-mail sent to employees, Charney attached a picture of a female with over-plucked eyebrows (in an AA store, no less) captioned “No”; also attached was a shot of the apparently more ideal Brooke Shields eyebrows, captioned with a “Yes.” One of the company’s employees is appalled at how the e-mail was directed at women, but really, beauty tips are pretty harmless compared to Charney’s other alleged exploits. [Jezebel]

• A return to authenticity, a rejection of boomer values and a challenge to workplace apathy—that’s apparently why young men are rejecting frumpy office wear in favour of slick suits. The New York Times describes the phenomenon as “a stance that challenges the apathy and monotony of casual Friday culture.” Don Draper might also have something to do with it. [New York Times]

André Leon Talley, Vogue’s over-the-top editor-at-large (remember that tennis scene from The September Issue?), will be a full-time judge on America’s Next Top Model. This season—excuse us, cycle—is currently filming in Auckland, New Zealand. We thought Tyra was crazy when she debuted her Smyze superhero, but clearly the woman is a television genius. Talley and Miss J in a room together plus clueless models equals reality TV bliss. [Independent]

• Haven’t you heard? The Necky is the new Snuggie! It’s “the world’s first scarf designed to keep your neck and chest totally warm and protected.” The Necky is a fleece bib with Velcro straps to secure around the neck (taking a cue from the Snuggie/Slanket craze), because it’s simply too hard to tie a scarf in such a way as to keep one’s neck warm. Someone, please tell us that this is a joke. [National Post] Mounir Moufarrige, CEO of fashion house Emanuel Ungaro, has resigned from the company. Moufarrige was seemingly one of the few supporters of Lindsay Lohan’s dismal spring line for Ungaro—who would have guessed the fashion world would be so offended by nipple pasties? While Lilo still remains as artistic adviser, the blogosphere is buzzing that she’ll soon be out of another job. If things get really rough, she can always sell her clothes. Oh, wait; she’s already doing that. [Grazia]


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