The best-dressed attendees at this year’s Queen’s Plate

The best-dressed attendees at this year’s Queen’s Plate

The Queen’s Plate is as much about elaborate fashion as horse racing. The stands were swarmed with winning looks—the best of which were topped off with outrageously posh headwear fit for royalty. Here, 15 of the fanciest fascinators, floppiest wide-brims and floweriest fedoras.

Torontonian or young British royal? You decide:


This bejeweled fascinator is practically a work of art (and the lace gloves are an elegant touch):


The Queens Plate is basically the only day of the year when it’s socially acceptable to wear a wild garden on your head:


Or, for that matter, an entire bouquet:


This race-goer opted for a more delicate look:


While this one decided more is more (especially when it comes to royal blue tulle):


We love this attendee’s exceptionally stylish take on a traditional get-up:


But you can never go wrong with a bit of Victorian inspiration:


This wispy, cloud-like fascinator looks dreamy (if barely secure):


This oversized headpiece has a bit of an old-school, southern belle vibe:


And this one has some interesting, tubular embellishments:


And finally, the ladies from The Social’s chic looks managed to be trendy and on-theme at the same time: