Ten things Tyrone “T-Rex” Edwards can’t live without

Ten things Tyrone “T-Rex” Edwards can’t live without

Ten things the Toronto-loving Much and E! host can’t live without

Tyrone Edwards
(Images: Erin Leydon; Life courtesy of Tyrone Edwards)
My lucky mug My daughter made it for me. She’s four, and her name is Life. On the day she was born, I was hosting a live special for RapCity, and I had to race from the hospital to the MuchMusic studio to shoot the segment. She’s everything to me.

My pocket flair When I was getting ready to host my first big event, Ben Mulroney strolled up to me and said, “Ah, I have the perfect pocket square for that suit.” It was such a kind gesture. Now it’s a tradition; he gives me a new square for every red carpet.
My statement socks They let me show my wild side, especially when I’m all dressed up. My favourites are from 1LoveTO, the company and blog I started in 2007. I also have pairs decorated with rubber duckies and the TTC map.
My Hudson’s Bay blanket When I first moved out on my own, I didn’t have a TV or a microwave, but I had a striped Bay blanket draped across my couch. It made me feel like a proper grown-up.
My cologne Bleu de Chanel is the perfect fragrance. It works everywhere, whether I’m hanging with my boys or mingling at a gala.
My moto jackets I have quite a few, including ones from Balmain, Sandro and Alexander McQueen. I love them because they’re timeless and they go with everything. Now I just need a motorcycle—something super rock and roll, like a Harley.
My Urban Beatz soundbar I fall asleep to music, wake up to music and even shower to music. I especially love ’90s R&B, but my taste is all over the place. For instance, I like soft rock because it reminds me of listening to CHFI 98.1 with my mom.
My daily devotions I came across Marianne Williamson’s A Year of Miracles a few months ago. You’re supposed to read one message and prayer every day. It’s sort of a Christian book, but they’re not Bible stories; they’re about love and staying positive. It’s a feel-good thing.
My African chair I bought it at a craft market in Swaziland, where I was running a basketball camp for my non-profit organization, Concrete Hoops. It’s my special place of tranquility; sitting in it automatically relaxes me.
My Polaroid camera If you visit me at home, chances are your face will end up on my fridge.


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