Ten pieces of fall suiting inspiration from Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

Ten pieces of fall suiting inspiration from Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

Instead of head-to-toe metallics or over-the-top headwear, this season of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (the city’s biggest runway event now that Fashion Week’s been cancelled) saw designers outfitting models in lots of sophisticated suiting and crisp, professional looks. As Toronto guys gear up for September, here are ten ways to significantly liven up the standard office attire:

Toronto-based brand Zane Barläs makes bespoke suits with modern twists—and proves that plaid vests can indeed be cool:

zane barlas 1

In an ode to The Beatles, the designer showcased a Fab Four–inspired look that layered a black turtleneck under a bold dress shirt and double-breasted blazer:

zane barlas

Nabeel Sheikh’s second TOM* collection had some serious safari vibes:


Good news: guys can totally get away with trading their dress shoes for simple white sneakers this fall:

nabeel 1

This slouchy ensemble from Les Incompétents is fashionably laid-back:

les incompetents

A tip from Christopher Bates: throw a velvet blazer over a woollen sweater to instantly elevate a cozy fall outfit:

christopher bates

L’Momo’s digital print puts an edgy spin on a classic silhouette:


Fashion Santa–inspired swagger is always a good idea (so is sporting two of Caffery Van Horne’s double-breasted layers):

jeffrey van hof

Caulfield Apparel Group is bringing back the slightly disheveled look in its John Lennon-inspired collection:

john lennon collection

The city’s cyclists could emulate Toronto designer Shelli Oh’s moped-riding Frenchman this autumn:

whitney oh