Street Style: Beyoncé fans at the Rogers Centre

Street Style: Beyoncé fans at the Rogers Centre

Lemonade frenzy peaked in Toronto last night, as Queen Bey herself landed in the city for a concert at the Rogers Centre. The Beyhive showed off their devotion in meticulously crafted T-shirts, hand-embroidered hats and a lot of lemony accessories. Here, the best Beyoncé-obsessed looks.



Scott Osborne

22, artist
“I was inspired at Michael’s when I saw a bunch of plastic lemons. I embroidered the hat myself on Monday, printed the shirt and bag last night and glued the lemons onto the jacket this morning. So it’s all handmade.”




Meliza Guia and Yvonne Villanueva

20, Students
Guia: “This is my first Beyoncé concert—I’m really excited. My cousin owns a shirt-printing company so I drew up a few sketches and had these made. They’re inspired by the ‘Feeling Myself’ video.”



Alex Newton

21, Manager
“I got this shirt made to go with the Lemonade theme. I’d say I’m a 10/10 fan—she’s awesome.”



Vaughn McIver, Marvin Hemphill, Erwin Taylor

20, 27, 29, Hairstylist, Youth workers
McIver: “I do a lot of African and Muslim-inspired looks. We drove up from Buffalo for the concert.”
Taylor: “This is just your basic tribal shirt.”


Hemphill: “I wanted to go off what Beyoncé wears while performing. My friend Nathaniel, who’s a designer in Buffalo, made this jacket for the occasion.”



Chantal Lavoie

26, Business analyst
“I got this shirt in London. I’ve been obsessed with Beyoncé for a long time. This is my third time seeing her: we flew in from Winnipeg for the concert this morning because she wasn’t stopping there this tour.”





Shiva Ceecharan

30, Project manager
“I made this shirt today at Toronto Tees. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision. I had the hat made two years ago. I’m definitely a part of the Beyhive—I’m really bummed about the whole ‘Becky with the good hair’ thing.”




Rosalyn Solomon

30, Editor
“This shirt is from the Queen West shop Runway Luxe. The Raptors are also playing, so I had to rep them with the hat.”



Cara Summers

22, Researcher
“I got this at the last Beyoncé concert. I’ve always been a die-hard fan—I watched Lemonade right when it came out.”



Kevin Yranon

21, Student
“The lyrics on my shirt are from her song ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself.’ I made it myself using fabric paint—this is the third attempt. I’m a big fan: I know her choreography.”



Lauren and Alannah Lipsett

19, 20, golf course worker, GM employee
“We made this sign on the GO Train. We live in Claremont. We’re insane fans—we hadn’t been to a concert yet, and we each dropped more than $300 on floor tickets.”



Jessica Newton

24, Supply teacher
“I bought this shirt for tonight. It’s from the Bay. I love Beyoncé—she’s always reinventing herself.”



Erin Vandaele

22, Addictions counselor
“This dress is my mom’s from the ’90s. But it’s perfect for tonight.”



From left: Nicole Lucas, Angelica Guanzon-Narvaez, Maya Asenjo, Cherie Bobadilla

“We got the shirts at H&M.”



Jamila Reynolds, Brandi Washington

23, Students
“We just wanted to dress in yellow for Lemonade.”

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