Street Style: The Toronto Island Jack Layton Ferry Terminal

Street Style: The Toronto Island Jack Layton Ferry Terminal

A trip to the Toronto Islands is as close as you can get to a holiday in the city. While waiting for the ferry, we spotted outfits that would be right at home at a poolside resort. Here, the best carefree, island-bound looks.


Toni Adolfson

25, Digital advertiser
“This is my best picnic attire. The hat is from an Australian designer called Lack of Colour. A lot of celebs are wearing the label now, which is pretty cool.”



Maddy Martin

27, Student
“I’m going for a beach-casual look today. These shorts used to be much less ripped.”



William Ellis

33, Performer
“I’m going to hang out on the beach, so I’m pretty casual, with a bit of ’90s inspiration.”



Sadie Simon

27, Advertising media manager
“I’m trying to look 10 years younger with these boxer braids.”



Rowan Train

29, Strategist
“This hat was far too big for my head when I bought it, so I had to insert some material to make it fit.”



Martina Aswani

31, Business analyst
“I’m wearing my Maasai bracelet in honour of Afro Fest. I picked it up when I visited Kenya a few years ago.”




Kaya Szlachetka

16, Student
“I’m from Vancouver, so my style is influenced a lot by the west coast.”



Giulia Bortoletto

23, Marketing coordinator
“I always shop at second-hand stores—if a piece is still in good shape by the time it gets there, you know it must be excellent quality. The headscarf is from Chinatown and this knapsack has travelled the world with me. The Crocs are ugly but I don’t have sandals.”



Angela Cooper

31, Researcher
“My style’s eclectic. I’m a fan of ’50s silhouettes and bold prints.”



Nick Peponis (with daughter Lucia)

39, IT professional
“It’s a beach day, so I wore my Gilligan hat.”

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